radio communication & security

Communication and Security-Related Systems Engineered To Be At The Forefront of Technology Advancements

•Software Defined Radios (SDR) • Information Assurance Products Network Enabled Devices • Software Defined Data Links • Communication-enabled Systems

ATG offers world-class services to a wide variety of customers, whether it’s to help them complete their project successfully or to realize their own product lines.
The radio and data link products host a variety of tactical waveforms that include WiMax, WiFi, GSM functionality that supports Mesh-based and Point-to -Multipoint topologies.
These products operate at many different frequencies that allow our customers to optimize their communications. We also offer various 3G and 4G capabilities within our products to enable cellular solutions.
Information assurance is a critical concern both at the radio level and at the network (CYBER). Aeronix supplies Information Assurance capabilities in all its radio and data link products.

ATG also offers cryptographic solutions that support its customer’s products. This functionality includes cryptographic Suite A and Suite B algorithms, key management solutions and secure electronic design. The algorithms support legacy radios, JTRS waveforms and network encryption solutions.

Cellular Sensor Communications

Sensor products that are certified for operation on major carriers, easing the integration of your application. These products include back end management software to fully monitor and control your sensor enabled applicaitions.

Communication Services

Aeronix offers a broad range of services to include information assurance, RF from 0-60 GHz, network solutions, full radio designs, full communication systems, communication software/firmware, and custom electronics. Our service capabilities are proven over 30 years in the requirement phase, design, development, test, manufacturabilty, and maintenance of simple to complex systems.

Information Assurance

Aeronix IA products include cryptographic control solutions, algorithm implementations, and key management solutions for modern reprogrammable systems. These solutions are designed to meet the most stringent Type 1 requirements while providing Suite A and Suite B functionality. Our modern algorithm solutions are high speed implementations designed for the latest reprogrammable logic.

Networked Software Defined Radios

Networked Software Defined Radios (SDRs) for applications from the smallest UAVs and UGVs to large vehicular systems. Our SDRs have waveforms and applications to meet the requirements of varying data rates, varying ranges on the land, sea, or in the air. More importantingly they are ideal for customizing to meet unique customer needs.

Reprogrammable Signal Transmitter

Reprogrammable Transmitter products that enable efficient transmission of user defined signals. Applications include any scenario in which a user wants to transmit a specialized signal whether its test or beaconing.