ATG is a military and defense application solutions provider
designed to meet the multifaceted needs of organizations.

ATG works with its customers to realize their products.  

We assure them that they have a clear idea of what the product will be, have an accurate functional specification of the product, that their quality control is enabled to analyze the realization, and that they are setting realistic project milestones to ensure the end manufacturing goals are realized.

Our companies have a proven track record of going from concept to production quicker than standard industry competitors can get to preliminary design.
This approach reduces risk for customers, eases contract engagement and speeds delivery of solutions to the end-user.

Engineering and Design Services

ATG is a small business with a history of solving complicated real-world problems for our commercial, government and defense customers via development of custom electronic system and software solutions. ATG strives to provide competitive advantage to its customers via leverage of ATG intellectual property, available embedded solutions and custom electronics hardware and software design. Our design services encompass the full breath of engineering expertise required for product specification, development, prototype, demonstration, test, manufacture and deployment.

Product Realization

ATG companies work to understand how to solve specific client requirements to the extent that the solution eventually becomes a product.

Electronic System Design, Development and Test

Depending on the specific needs of our customers, we contract custom engineering services individually, as a subset or as a complete design/development effort. From concept to requirements, development to design, ATG has the expertise to turn Ideas into functioning systems.

Embedded and Application Software Services

ATG satisfies requirements by providing state-of-the-art embedded and higher-level software engineering services to its customers.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

ATG products meet MIL-STD-461 conducted and radiated emissions for ground vehicles and airborne helicopters, the most stringent profiles required.

Platform/Weapons Interface

ATG is a provider of electronics technology that integrates new weapon system technologies into legacy aircraft and vehicle platforms.

Space Electronics and Software Design and Development

ATG has a 20-year history of providing engineering services for spacecraft electronics and stands ready to contribute systems engineering, processor development, communications and network interface design, FPGAs and custom ASICs.

Mil Standard / DO Qualified Design and Development

ATG is an experienced provider of complete system designs that have been qualified to meet a vast variety of military standards.